James Franco’s Late Night Rub Down

Actor spotted napping in cheap massage parlor.

James Franco relaxing in a chair at Shun Fa
NatENQ Files

Accused sex pest James Franco nodded off at a budget massage parlor in New York City, appearing not to have a care in the world!

The Deuce star was caught catnapping on June 19 during a late-night visit to ShunFa Relaxing Center, where an hour-long, full body massage costs just $35, while an hour-long foot rub runs $24.99.

“He was out cold. He was passed out in the seat right by the front window. It was as if he wanted to be seen,” said the source. “He had his headphones on and he looked fast asleep.”

Added the snitch: “There’s loads of more discrete places to sit in there. There’s a room at the back, but he chose the seat right at the front.”

As The National ENQUIRER reported, in 2018, Franco, 41, was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple former acting students — but he has denied any wrongdoing.