Joanna Gaines’ Father Investigated in Prostitution Ring

Jerry Stevens rumored to have taken part in sketchy massage parlor activities!

Joanna Gaines' Dad Investigated In Prostitution Ring
Getty Images; Twitter

Joanna Gaines likely won’t want to write about this in Magnolia Journal! According to Radar Online, authorities have investigated whether or not the former Fixer Upper star’s father, Jerry Stevens, was involved in a prostitution ring at two massage parlors in Waco, Texas.

Back in December 2017, men were caught paying for sex acts from the women working at the Texas parlors. Detective Joseph Scaramucci of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office shared with the outlet that Jerry was initially investigated after rumors of his involvement circulated.

However, the father of the HGTV mogul was never identified in the footage, meaning no charges have been brought against him.

When I was told, I found photos of him online on social media to be able to look for him,” Detective Scaramucci shared. “He was not located in any of the video or anything affiliated with these businesses.”

 In fact, a plethora of people were rumored to have been apart of the scandalous case, but it’s been hard to prove. “I’m not saying it’s not possible any of them were ever there,” he said, “I just have no evidence to corroborate that.”

In the Complaint/Affidavit for the Arrest Warrant obtained from McLennan County, Detective Scaramucci opened up about his investigation.“While conducting surveillance on the establishment, I have observed that the individuals there are residing in the establishment, as it has always been opened from the inside, and no one arrives,” the report read. “I have noted that during business hours, the clientele are exclusively men.”

On 12/4/2017, I conducted search warrants on both properties, and located numerous items of evidence, along with 3 different females,” the warrant read. “All parties were interviewed and stated that they work for a ‘boss,’ who brought them to the establishments after they answered online ads.”

Joanna and her family are not in the clear yet, as this case is still ongoing.