Franco LOVES ladies… then LEAVES ‘em!

Walking through the CBS studio lot, JAMES FRANCO – hotter than Korean kimchi since he and SETH ROGEN damn near triggered World War III with their KIM JONG UN assassination flick – strolled past a crowd of mostly-female fans lined up to be audience members on “The Price Is Right” who went CRRRAAZY, begging for autographs!

Said an eyewitness: “Franco grinned as the ladies broke ranks, forming a new line behind HIM! But a grumpy security guard yelled, ‘Anyone who gets out of line has to go to the BACK of the line!’ Instantly, the women started bitching – and James protested to the guard, ‘Hey, this is all MY fault! Can’t you just let them get back into line wherever they were?’”

Bellowing that rules are RULES, the guard started barking orders as Franco rolled his eyes, yelled, “I’m SO sorry ladies!” – and SPLIT!