Celebrity Justice!

Hollywood Won’t Hire Disgraced Felicity Huffman

Studios see sentence as a slap in the face to the public.

Felicity Huffman Inset of Federal Correcion Handbook and Inset Of FCI Dublin
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Tainted by the college admissions scandal, Felicity Huffman has become a Hollywood pariah!

That’s the shocking verdict of pals and industry experts who believe the former Desperate Housewives star’s slap-on-the-wrist, 14-day sentence is a classic case of “celebrity justice.”

“Felicity is poison in this town!” declared an insider.

“Nobody wants to appear sympathetic to her — and no studio wants to suffer the backlash of hiring an actress the public believes is a pampered celebrity!”

Felicity, 56, pleaded guilty to paying an admissions fixer to jack up her daughter’s SAT scores.

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The actress has been ordered to cough up a $30,000 fine and complete 250 hours of community service.

But her skimpy jail time has rubbed many the wrong way.

“There’s been a lot of anger about her getting away with something that anybody else would have done serious time for,” an insider snitched.

“Everybody thinks it’s a classic case of celebrity justice!”

Sources also said job offers for the Emmy winner have dried up.

“Felicity won’t be getting many offers this year or next,” dished a former Hollywood casting director. “At least not until the controversy dies down.”

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The star’s attorney, Martin Murphy, echoed that opinion at her sentencing — noting that Felicity faced “significant consequences” due to the scandal, including “losing career opportunities.”

In a similar high-profile case, lifestyle guru Martha Stewart served five months behind bars on charges related to insider trading in 2004.

But Martha managed to rebound after her release “because she served what the public perceived as a reasonable amount of time,” a source said.

“People are a lot angrier at Felicity! I don’t think she can bounce back as quickly or as well.”

Felicity’s light sentence has led college scandal suspect Lori Loughlin to beg prosecutors for a similar deal, sources said.

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The disgraced Full House star, 55, and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, 56, are each facing as many as 40 years behind bars after turning down a plea similar to Felicity’s and talking tough about clearing their names in court!

“Felicity’s sentence was a real wake-up call for Lori,” snitched a source. “Seeing Felicity get jail time after making a guilty plea scared the stuffing out of her!

Lori is terrified that the judge will make an example of her and Mossimo for not cooperating!”

According to insiders, Lori is now asking how she can abandon her guilty plea — even if it means testifying against her own husband!

“Lori doesn’t care what the public thinks of Felicity,” a source said. “She just doesn’t want to go to jail!”