Felicity Huffman May Put Lori Loughlin Behind Bars!

Guilty plea will blow star’s defense - legal experts

Photo of Lori Loughlin on Left With Glasses Overlapping Photo of Felicity Huffman on Right
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Haughty Lori Loughlin’s federal prison fate is all but sealed — and “Desperate Housewives” actress Felicity Huffman could be the one to put the shameless mom behind bars for up to 40 years, according to investigators.

Lori, 54, and her fashion designer husband, 56-year-old Mossimo Giannulli, are playing dumb, claiming they thought the $500,000 they forked over to crooked mastermind-turned-snitch William “Rick” Singer to allegedly bribe their daughters’ way into the University of Southern California was a charity donation.

However, experts claimed proving that in court will be a monumental task, especially after Felicity fessed up to paying $15,000 to pump up her teen Sophia’s SAT score — and pleaded guilty!

Renowned New York private investigator Bo Dietl told The National ENQUIRER: “Felicity Huffman copped out and admitted to committing a crime.
“By Felicity pleading out, Lori is not going to have much of a defense.”

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And Dietl warned the scandal is more widespread and has been going on longer than most realize, adding: “The word went around all the people with money: ‘Oh, you want to get your kid into USC? You want to get ’em into Harvard? There is another way of doing it.’

“You pay a bribe — that, to me, is a crime.”

Adding to the misery for Lori, best known as doting Aunt Becky on Full House, is how she was caught in a bombshell recording plotting an alibi with a fixer, according to transcripts of wiretapped calls filed in court by the feds.

And now experts say prosecutors could even put Felicity on the stand to testify against her!

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A legal source close to the case told The National ENQUIRER: “Felicity could be called by the government as a witness against Lori Loughlin. Felicity would derail Lori’s defense claim that she thought it was a donation and not a bribe.

“She would do whatever the prosecutors asked her because she thinks it’s absolutely reckless and cruel for Lori to expose her daughters to this media circus.

“Felicity feels the only way she can distance herself from Lori and her scandal is by publicly testifying.

“Felicity only paid Rick to change the test score for her oldest daughter. She didn’t claim her daughter was an athlete as Lori did.”