Mike Walker

Hoda Kotb: New Mom’s Homemade Disaster

Live-in love suffers for host's motherly instincts!

hoda kotb cooking husband disaster
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Mike Walker Reports… New mom Hoda Kotb — who famously never cooks — suddenly surprised live-in Joel Schiffman with a homemade meal — that stunk!

The “Today” star, cozily nesting at home on … er, maternity leave after adopting precious new baby daughter Haley, descended upon the kitchen on a well-meaning comfort-food mission.

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Said My Hoda Helper: “Hoda was stunned to witness Joel’s hysterical reaction!”

He instantly started gagging when he walked in, my source reports. “He howled, ‘Hoda, throw out the baby’s dirty diapers! This place smells horrible!’

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Instead of getting angry, Hoda cracked up, realizing her steaming pot of fresh-brewed beef stew had stunk up the joint and told Joel, ‘Sorry, babe, just my attempt at cooking, but don’t worry — I’ll phone for takeout!’”

Hoda later giggled to Kathie Lee Gifford that Joel’s such a sweetie, he then actually offered to taste her stinky stew!