Hoda Kotb’s Stud Fears Her Blake Shelton Crush!

Hoda Kotb and Blake Shelton

After years of Hoda Kotb gushing mysteriously on “Today” about her secret loverboy “Boots,” NYC financier Joel Schiffman was thrilled she finally outed him in January – but sadly, the thrill’s suddenly GONE because he now fears losing his Special K to newly single Blake Shelton, the fantasy crush she’s secretly lusted over for YEARS!

Said my source: “Joel had hoped to settle down with Hoda after dating for two years, but he’s suddenly schvitzing to pals he fears losing her now that Blake’s ditched Miranda Lambert. Hoda’s got the Shelton shivers so bad she actually named her dog ‘Blake!’

"Even worse, worn-down ‘Boots’ heard that Hoda pals have confessed she’s now saying she’s NOT ready to settle down!” (#BlakeAche)