Mike Walker

Hoda Already Hoping For Baby #2

Giddy new mom wants a new kid — Today!

hoda kotb baby second child

Mike Walker Reports… Totally over the moon after debuting her newly-adopted baby girl Haley Joy, Hoda Kotb’s already commenced proceedings to adopt an encore stellar baby today!

Gushed My Starry-Eyed Spy: “Hoda’s absolutely the happiest she’s ever been! She loves being a new mom, and can’t believe she waited this long for her own baby.

“She doesn’t want to waste any more time — and wants to adopt a new little brother or sister, so that Haley will enjoy the same kind of close sibling relationships Mommy’s enjoyed in her own life!”

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Hoda’s happy gushing also had the morning host confessing what the real inspiration behind Haley Joy’s name.

Said my source: “Hoda says she told Kathie Lee Gifford: ‘Halley’s Comet can be seen from Earth every seven years — and I just pictured my little girl sailing to the sky!’”