Muss, Not Fuss!

Hoda Kotb’s Dirty Little Baby-Raising Secret

Kathie Lee Gifford shocked by co-host's casual care!

hoda kotb baby parenting secret
Getty Images/Mega

Hoda Kotb grossed out “Today” co-host Kathie Lee GIfford with this startling revelation: She dodges removing schmutz from her baby, Haley’s, dirty little fingers!

What the yuck? “Hoda said the fastidious one-year-old gets up on her tiny hands and wants mommy to wipe off nasty dust and dirt,” a rattled tattle blabbed to The National ENQUIRER.

“Then Hoda said, ‘I do not want her to be a neat freak! Sometimes I just leave it!’ ”

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“Kathie argued, ‘Let her be a neat freak … Be glad she’s not putting it in her mouth while eating.’

“But Hoda held her ground, insisting: ‘I know, but I don’t want her always wiping everything … I want her to go, ‘Oh, I have to live with that.’ ”

The experience, our spy reported, “left a yucky taste in Kathie’s mouth.”

(Also pictured with Kathie Lee, Haley and Hoda is lifestyle specialist Brandi Milloy.)