Gwyneth Boosts Her Boobs!

Experts Spot Sure Signs of Surgery!

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s cups runneth over — and doctors and insiders consulted by The National ENQUIRER said it’s because she’s had them enhanced!

“There’s virtually no question that her breasts have been augmented,” said New York–based plastic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar. “She’s gone up at least a full cup size!”

The Goop health and wellness guru, 47, has said in the past she would be “scared to go under the knife,” but also admitted she might be more willing to experiment with surgery as she got older — and insiders said that time has certainly come!

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“Gwyneth knows she’s getting older and that Hollywood is an extremely competitive place for a woman her age,” a source said. “She’s going to do whatever she needs to do to get an edge.”

And doctors said that edge has come in the form of a boob job!

“Given the larger appearance of the bra and that her weight seems to have remained the same, it would lead me to believe this was achieved with the use of implants,” said Chicago-based Dr. Otto Placik. “She might have had fat transfers, but the progression from her upper chest suggests an implant.”

New Jersey’s Dr. Lyle Back believes the new Gwyneth has grown from an A to a C cup — and that doesn’t come naturally!

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“Women tend to lose estrogen as they age, meaning their breasts decrease in size and volume,” he said. “But if you look at older photos of Gwyneth, no one would say she is as well-endowed as she is these days.”

But all of the doctors who reviewed photos of Gwyneth’s expanded profile believe that whoever did the work did a magnificent job!

“The shape is flattering for a woman her size,” said Dr. Shahar. “She looks great and her doctor should be congratulated for the work!”

The actress didn’t respond to a request for comment.