Demi Moore’s Frozen Face Disaster!

Aging ‘Striptease’ star trying to turn back clock.

Demi Moore with Red Lipstick In 1994 On Left, and in 2019 On Right
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Youth-obsessed Demi Moore has turned her face into a plastic disaster!

According to sources, the 56-year-old star of A Few Good Men has had more than a few cosmetic procedures in a desperate bid to turn back the clock.

“A lot of people thought Demi looked great before, but now she looks overdone and freakishly frozen,” a source spilled.

“She’s really gone crazy with fillers, Botox and a bunch of other procedures!” “She looks ridiculous,” agreed Boston-based plastic surgeon Dr. David E. David, who has not treated Demi.

“I believe she’s had her eyes done and may have had a brow-lift. It looks like she’s also had a significant amount of Botox injections, especially in her forehead!”

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The former Striptease sexpot’s extreme makeover has been sparked by her insatiable drive to find a life partner — a quest she’s been on since her divorce from 15 years-younger hubby Ashton Kutcher in 2013, insiders said.

“Demi’s been hanging out with her daughters and their friends and eyeing up the young guys, so it’s no surprise that she might be feeling insecure about the lines and creases slowly creeping in,” sources said.

Although Demi, who did not respond to The National ENQUIRER’s request for comment, has disturbed pals with her freakishly frozen face, she’s repeatedly denied going under the knife.

But Dr. David surmised: “Lifting her eyebrows that high and still being completely smooth up there is cartoonishly unnatural at her age.”