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Demi Moore’s Secret Dates With Serbian Sexpot

They're even raising a baby together!

Demi Moore — after three failed marriages including high-profile burnouts with Asthon Kutcher and Bruce Willis — is reportedly in an “intimate relationship” with a woman, and the two are raising a baby girl! Sources have claimed to The National ENQUIRER that the “Ghost” star has been involved with stunning Serbian fashion stylist Masha Mandzuka for two years! “In their private moments, Demi and Masha are very intimate with each other,” said an insider. “They hold hands, and Demi is like a second mom to Masha’s baby.” The two women (shown here on opposite sides of Demi’s daughter Tallulah) are regularly spotted on cozy walks around Hollywood, and insiders claimed that Demi has even installed a car seat for Masha’s two-year-old daughter, Rumi, in her Lexus. Read on for details of the Demi-Masha relationship, and click here for more news of celebrities dating on one side of the fence ….