Out With A Bang!

Elizabeth Taylor Paid For Husband’s Hookers

Sexy screen siren secured women for last husband!

Larry Fortensky & Elizabeth Taylor
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Elizabeth Taylor knew how to keep guys happy in the bedroom — even if it meant hiring other gals to please them!

The violet-eyed Cleopatra vixen, who battled booze and painkiller addictions before dying from heart failure at age 79, was one of the most beautiful gals in the world — and reportedly a wildcat between the sheets.

But after marrying her last hubby, 20-years-younger Larry Fortensky, who she met at the Betty Ford rehab clinic, the aging screen siren resorted to surrogates to keep him grinning ear to ear, tattled his ex-galpal Kelly Matzinger.

“A masseuse would come for sexual acts,” snitched Kelly. “Larry said it was so wonderful. Liz happily paid for the massage.”

The star wed the boy-toy in 1991 and they plunged into a passionate sex life.

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“In the beginning, it was great because Liz was a very sexual person,” Kelly confided. “She had lots of illnesses, which was too much for him to handle.”

But the bedroom romps fizzled after three years and Liz, then 63, who suffered from many health issues, made a separate room for the former construction worker downstairs.

Soon they were living separate lives, and “she’d leave him notes about spending time with her, like, ‘Are you going to see me today?’ or would call him on the intercom.”

Still in his early 40s, Larry was kept satisfied by the masseuses — until the couple’s 1996 divorce.  He died five years after her, in 2016, after contracting skin cancer.