Liz Taylor’s ‘Stallion’ Husband Barely Alive!

Liz taylors stallion husband barely alive ne short

Elizabeth Taylor’s hunky blue-collar ex, Larry Fortensky, now resembles a bloated corpse, and friends fear he has just months to live!

The 63-year-old former construction worker is battling multiple health woes, and spends nearly all day in bed at his modest rental home in Menifee, Calif., sources told The National ENQUIRER.

His once-golden hair has turned virtually white, and red sores mark his puffy pale face.

Nicknamed “Larry the Lion” by Liz because of his strength and sexual prowess, he’s now dosed-up on painkillers.

“Larry is a changed man from the days when he squired Liz around,” divulged a source.

“He was once a strapping six-footer, with a golden mane of hair and known for being a rampaging stallion in the bedroom,” said a source. “Now he’s just a bloated unrecognizable mess who can barely shuffle around his own home.

“He keeps a framed photo of her beside his favorite chair, and a picture of her taken when they were on holiday in Switzerland by his bed.”

As The ENQUIRER recently revealed, Larry’s sister Donna cares for him.

The humble hard hat met the “Cleopatra” beauty in rehab in 1988.

After their star-studded nuptials in Oct. 1991, the pair lasted five years.

He was her seventh, and last, husband.

Following their divorce, Larry was arrested on a drug charge and for domestic violence against a girlfriend.

He came close to death in 1999 after falling in his home during a drunken binge.

He was in a coma for six weeks, but had no health insurance.

During his life with Liz, the couple shared her five-bedroom Bel-Air mansion with a staff of cooks, drivers and security guards.

Today, a fence surrounds Larry’s property, but the broken-down former golden boy rarely steps outside.

Said the source: “Those who know Larry think he’ll be lucky to see out the year. It’s all terribly sad.”