Frail and failing LIZ TAYLOR couldn’t save her cash-strapped ex-husband LARRY FORTENSKY from being kicked out of his house, The ENQUIRER has learned.

For the first time ever, the hospital-bound screen legend was forced to deny a financial bailout to her troubled husband No. 8, who was struggling to keep up with his $5,800-a-month mortgage.

The 59-year-old former construction worker bought his three-bedroom home in Temecula, Calif., in 2002 with money he received in the settlement from the couple’s 1996 divorce.

The house is now in foreclosure and Larry faces eviction.

The 79-year-old screen legend is now wheelchair-bound, breathing through an oxygen tube and has shriveled to a sickly 98 pounds. She remains in guarded condition at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

"Liz has been in no shape, emotionally or physically, to be saddled with Larry’s money woes," a close friend told The ENQUIRER. "Her condition hasn’t been improving and she’s just too frail and weak to deal with his problems."

Over the years, Liz has repeatedly bailed out Larry financially. Larry hasn’t worked since 1999 after injuring himself falling down a staircase drunk.

Two years ago Liz forked over $50,000 to stop him from losing his home.

Liz and Larry met in 1988 at the Betty Ford Center where he was being treated for alcoholism and she was grappling with an addiction to pain pills.

"Larry is devastated over his eviction, but Liz can’t help him this time," added the source.

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