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Demi Moore On Prowl For A New Boy Toy

Aging movie sex kitten chasing hollywood's leading men!

demi moore
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Demi Moore is on the prowl for a new boy-toy to prove she can still bag young guys at age 54!

Topping her list of bedmates are Spider-Man Tobey Maguire freshly split from his wife, and baby-faced movie pirate Orlando Bloom says a snitch to The National ENQUIRER.

Some say Brad Pitt is also on her shopping list, but a source nixes that idea because he’s an old 53.

“She’s been calling Tobey and sending sexy texts,” the snitch blabbed.

Demi and Tobey were lovers in 2002 before she hooked third hubby Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years younger. But she’s also sizing up Orlando, who recently revealed his love mast while paddle-boarding in the raw with then-galpal Katy Perry.

Demi Moore’s Nervous Breakdown Nightmare

“She’s not putting her eggs in one basket. Demi’s always had a crush on Orlando and she’s trying to get with him,” adds the insider.

And her pals Jennifer Aniston and Charlie’s Angels buds, Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore are cheering her on, saying, “You go, girl!”

The plastic-surgery fanatic needs their support. She was recently so stressed over a lawsuit by the family of a man who drowned in her pool when she was away, her front teeth “sheared” off.

Now, she’s got her choppers fixed and is chasing boy-toys “to prove she’s still a red-hot mama.”

Yeah, mama with three ADULT girls!