What, Me Worry?

Demi Moore’s Nervous Breakdown Nightmare

Stressed out star in health crisis!

demi moore stress nervous breakdown

Demi Moore lost two teeth over her divorce from Ashton Kutcher — and now friends fear she’s on the verge of another crack-up!

“Stress — one of the biggest killers in America — sheared off my front teeth! Thank God for modern dentistry!” Demi revealed.

The 54-year-old “Striptease” star admitted she was clenching her teeth and was “a little too tense” when each of her two pearly whites “fell out” a year apart.

But pals said Demi suffered an emotional breakdown after 16-years-younger Ashton was caught cheating and their six-year marriage collapsed.

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“Demi hasn’t seemed happy since she split from Ashton in 2011. She’s like an emotional wreck, a ticking time bomb!” spilled a friend to The National ENQUIRER.

In early 2012, the “Ghost” star was rushed to the hospital for seizures after reportedly inhaling the party drug nitrous oxide. A week later, she checked into rehab.

After Ashton married actress Mila Kunis, Demi reportedly blew half a million bucks on cosmetic surgery, and in May she was sued for wrongful death over the 2015 drowning of a man in her Beverly Hills pool — stress could mean more lost teeth for Demi.

“Stress and anxiety are the No. 1 reason people grind their teeth, and grinding weakens teeth,” said dentist Dr. Gary Glassman.