"Spider-Man" star Tobey Maguire's dad is a bank robber!

Sadly, Vincent Maguire resorted to bank robbery after his sister died of cancer, and left the financially strapped dad with her two children to take care of in addition to Tobey, The ENQUIRER learned.

Vincent, a chef, cooked up his half-baked heist — and then made every mistake possible.

He chose a bank right across the street from his home, failed to wear a mask and made off with the money on foot — in broad daylight.

"Tobey's father admits he did a stupid thing — but at the time he was desperate for money," said a source close to the star.The bungling bandit was nabbed when a neighbor spotted him running with the loot under his arm! The robbery took place in 1993. Vincent's sister Theresa had died just a couple of months before this incident and left him with her two young children to raise, and he was broke.

"The bank was across from the house and he made a bad decision on the spur of the moment.

"However, he did not have a weapon and this was his first offense so he did only two years in prison. He's been a model citizen ever since."

Vincent William Maguire was 38 when he knocked off the Coast Federal Savings bank near his Reseda, Calif., home. When he robbed the bank, he thought he was dying from cancer because his sister had just died from it and he had been diagnosed with polyps. (He later turned out not to have cancer.)

"He robbed the bank the moment it opened at 9 a.m.," disclosed a family insider.

"Vincent walked into the bank, presented the teller with a note demanding the money and indicated he had a weapon in his pocket."

In fact, he didn't have a weapon and in the note he wrote: "I have nothing to live for. I have cancer."

"He then ran down the street — going to his mother's house — in broad daylight carrying a bank bag full of money under his arm!" said the family insider.

"He might have gotten away with it if a neighbor hadn't been looking out of his window and called the police.

"Vincent didn't have the money an hour before he was caught!"

Witnesses said the bandit was wearing a red baseball cap, maroon windbreaker and dark blue sweatpants.

Incredibly, Vincent thought he could fool the police simply by changing out of the clothes he wore during the heist.

When he emerged from the house a short while after the robbery, he was wearing dark blue shorts, a gray and white shirt, and black-and-white tennis shoes with socks that had American flags on them.

"He was probably trying to disguise himself but it didn't work," said Lieutenant Ken Lady, who was with the Los Angeles Police Dept. bank robbery detail.

Vincent pleaded guilty and did his time at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles.

In an ironic twist, Tobey — playing Spider-Man's alter-ego Peter Parker — witnesses a robber running away from the scene of a crime . . . and does nothing about it.

The crime later comes back to haunt him when the criminal murders his uncle.

In real life, Vincent's crime has not harmed his relationship with Tobey.

"Tobey is aware that his dad was pushed to the breaking point and made a rash decision that cost him dearly," revealed the family insider.

"In the past, he has been so embarrassed about his childhood that he rarely talks about it. Tobey's parents, Vincent and Wendy, weren't married when he was born in 1975, and they split in 1977. His mother had to go on food stamps to feed the family."

At one point, the family fell on such hard times, they had to stay briefly in a homeless shelter, according to the family insider.

"Tobey was bounced around, living with various relatives at different times. He stayed with his mother, his father, his mother and her boyfriend, his father and his uncle, his aunt, his grandmother, his dad and stepmom, a stepsister and a half brother.

"And he lived all over theWest — in Oregon, Washington and California. In Southern California alone, Tobey lived in Hollywood, West Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley and Palm Springs.

"While living in Palm Springs in ninth grade, he simply refused to go to school — saying it made him physically sick. He had moved around so much that he couldn't face changing schools and meeting new kids yet again.

"When Tobey heard the news of his father robbing, the bank he was heartbroken.

"He walked around like a zombie for days but never mentioned it to anyone.

"He knew his dad was a good man who had made the biggest mistake of his life."

Happily, there was a silver lining to the wrenching experience.

"Tobey made a decision that he was not going to be destitute for the rest of his life," said the family insider.

"He grew up instantly after his father's disastrous mistake and was determined to be successful at whatever he did."

His devoted mom Wendy, a secretary, steered him into acting and her encouragement paid off.

Concluded the family insider: "Tobey's difficult childhood prepared him for stardom. And no one is prouder of him than his father Vincent."