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Crippled Hutch’s Desperate Final Days

Hobbled, grumbling David Soul scrawls on pics for cash!

david soul starsky hutch final days

David Soul —  who with Paul Michael Glaser swaggered through the ’70s TV-detective classic “Starsky & Hutch” — appears to be on his last legs!

Limping with a cane, David had to be helped into a chair at London’s Comic Con last month to sign autographs for a paltry $25 a pop!

The septuagenarian actor looked miserable as he shakily scrawled his signature, and when asked which of his vintage pictures he liked best, the downcast star croaked, “I don’t like any of them.”

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“David is overweight, feeble and has numerous health problems,” a source spilled.

David lives in London with his fifth wife, and recently begged former co-star Paul to join him at appearances to beef up autograph asking fees.

“It’s sad to see ’70s stars at these events with their hands held out,” the source said.