Caitlyn Jenner Ready To Come Out And Date Men!

The transgendered beauty gets closer to confirming The ENQUIRER's scoop!

Caitlyn Jenner Boyfriend

Caitlyn Jenner is ready to get herself a real man — but The ENQUIRER already had the scoop on her boyfriend back when she was Bruce!

The new promos for the second season of “I Am Cait” feature Caitlyn talking about plans for her love life.

“I don’t see myself dating women in the future,” said the former Olympic champion.

“I’ve been there, done that. I’ve got three ex-wives!”

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Caitlyn also said, “I am so comfortable now being myself,” while the promotional tag for the show added: “Last year, she changed her life — this year, she’ll live it!”

But readers of The ENQUIRER learned in May of 2015 that Caitlyn has enjoyed masculine company in the past.

The article, “Bruce Jenner’s Secret Gay Affair,” revealed that Bruce had kept one blockbuster secret to himself during his headline-making TV interview with Diane Sawyer.

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When she asked if he had ever been with a man, Bruce declared: “No, I’m not gay!”

He added: “I am, as far as I know, heterosexual. I’ve never been with a guy.”

But The National ENQUIRER had the insider story about Bruce’s brief-but-passionate sex romp with a man decades ago!

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Bruce’s “foray with forbidden love,” according to a source with knowledge of the gay affair, allegedly occurred as his marriage to second wife Linda Thompson was ending in 1986.

Revealed the source: “At the time, their relationship was on the rocks, and Bruce was greatly conflicted over his sexuality.

“He was already dressing in women’s clothing, and taking steps to transform himself with plastic surgery.”

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Bruce’s male lover — whose name is being withheld by The ENQUIRER — was not a celebrity.

“He was just a regular guy who apparently was battling his own demons at the time,” the source revealed.

“He was in AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] trying to get sober. Bruce met him through pals.

“The guy was an events planner. The two hooked up a couple of times, and then it ended.”