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Broke Burt Reynolds Selling Off His Hot Rod

Actor falling on hard times financially!

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Burt Reynolds is so strapped for cash, the 80-year-old former superstar is selling one of the beloved cars from his hit Smokey and the Bandit flicks that rocketed him to box-office king in the ‘70s.

The 1978 Pontiac Firebird Formula has a 505 cid V8 that packs a staggering 600 horsepower punch — and a hefty sticker price!

Three previous Bandit hot rods have fetched $170K, $450K and $550K at auction!

Sadly, Burt’s mega-bucks fortune has faded along with his plummeting health.

He’s had a quadruple bypass and battled addictions to booze and pills, which he popped to numb agonizing back injuries he got doing movie stunts.

Crippled Burt Reynolds Needs A Stuntman — Just To Walk!

Meanwhile, business failures and a fizzling acting career plunged him into the poor house.

Two years ago, he auctioned off most of his mementos — like his Bandit red jacket and high school sports trophies — for $2.5 million.

But after fees and commissions, he only cleared $1 million, falling short of his debts that included a $1.2 million mortgage and $150,000 divorce payment to ex Loni Anderson.

Now, he’s putting the Bandit car on the block in his dying last days.

“It’s a sad situation for a guy who was once a major box-office draw with millions of fans and a fat bank balance,” says a pal.