Trigger Warning!

The Night Alice Cooper Wanted To Shoot Elvis

A bizarre Las Vegas face-off between the shock rocker The King!

alice cooper elvis presley shoot
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Alice Cooper once pointed a loaded .38 revolver at Elvis Presley — and thought about pulling the trigger!

“The little devil on my shoulder said, ‘Shoot him. What a great story. Don’t kill him, just shoot him,’ ” Cooper recalls.

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But seconds later, the gun was out of Cooper’s hands — and the “School’s Out” singer was on the floor!

Cooper says the face-off happened in 1971 at the Las Vegas Hilton after Elvis summoned him.

“He takes me into the kitchen and says, ‘I want to show you how to take a gun out of somebody’s hand,’ ”

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Cooper reveals. Elvis disarmed Cooper, and it was then a mutual admiration society was born!

“He liked that I was doing something he had done. Shock the kids, shock the audience,” says Cooper.