Alice Cooper: “I Think My Snake Is Gay!”

Alice cooper ne short

Alice Cooper insists his pet snake Christopher is gay — because the serpent “kisses me with his tongue!”

The 67-year-old shock-rocker, whose real name is Vincent Damon Furnier, calls the creature “very affectionate.”

“Every snake has a different personality,” Alice noted.

“Some are curious, some just want to stretch out.

“Christopher likes to get in my face and kiss me with his tongue.

“I’m starting to think my snake is gay!”

While most people probably prefer dogs and cats as companions, Alice adores the 3-year-old boa constrictor, explaining, “We both love being in front of an audience.

“We’re also both great on the road — we love traveling long distances.

“My heavy metal doesn’t bother Christopher at all, because snakes are pretty much deaf and blind!”