“Once Upon A Time” Hero Was A Real-Life Bad Guy!

James Stacy character was a convicted pedophile!

“Once Upon A Time” Hero, James Stacy Character Was A Convicted Pedophile!
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Director Quentin Tarantino is taking heat for basing a character in his flick Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on a convicted pedophile!

Timothy Olyphant appears in the film as a co-star of Leo DiCaprio’s fictional character, Rick Dalton, in the real-life ’60s TV Western Lancer.

“Once Upon A Time” Hero, James Stacy Character Was A Convicted Pedophile!

Timothy Olyphant as actor James Stacy (left) in “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. Actor James Stacy in “Lancer” (right). Photo: Sony/Columbia; CBS Television

But his character, James Stacy is no piece of fiction! The actor was billed as the next James Dean in his heyday and was riding high until a 1973 motorcycle crash. He made a comeback — but the worst was yet to come.

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In 1995, Stacy pleaded no contest to a charge of molesting an 11-year-old girl in California. But he failed to appear for sentencing because he’d attempted suicide!

He had also been arrested two other times for prowling at the homes of underage girl

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He served six years on the molestation charge and lived the rest of his life in obscurity before dying in 2016 at age 79.