Tragic Tribute!

Margot Robbie As Sharon Tate — After Slain Star’s Sister Praised Her ‘Physical Beauty’

Shocking resemblance to sex symbol slaughtered by the Manson Family!

Margot Robbie has posted the first pic of herself as Sharon Tate — and makes a great case for Debra Tate saying that the “I, Tonya” star was the perfect choice to play her doomed sister. Debra Tate spoke out about the early casting of director Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” saying that Margot had the “physical beauty” to play her sister, and even added that the way Margot “carries herself is similar to that of Sharon.” Tragically, the new movie also captures the final days of the legendary ’60s sex symbol. The “Valley of the Dolls” actress — who was nine months pregnant — was murdered along with her dinner guests by crazed followers of cult leader Charles Manson!