SLIMMED-down Christina Aguilera looks sexier than ever since returning to “The Voice” – and she’s got offbeat “Pulp Fic­tion” director Quentin Tarantino hot on her tail!

Insiders say Quentin is pursuing the “Dirrty” singer for a role in one of his gritty movies – but they say he may also be looking for more.

And while the thought of furthering her acting career excites the platinum-blonde songbird, she doesn’t want to give the 50-year-old bachelor the wrong idea.

“Quentin’s been hitting Christina up with emails, scripts for movies and even letters,” said a source.

 “He has it in his head that he can take her to the next level. And when he wants something, he usually gets it.”

But Christina, 32, has been dating production assistant Matthew Rutler, 28, for almost three years and has no intention of kicking her beau to the curb.

“To tell the truth,” said the source, “Quentin’s creeping Christina out a little.

“She doesn’t want to offend him, and she’s open to more acting oppor­tunities, but it’s obvious he has a huge crush on her. I’m sure she’ll listen to his offers because she’s still very interested in advancing her acting career, and Quentin’s too powerful to ignore.

“But if he thinks she’s interested in dating him, he’s in for a rude awakening.”