It's War!

Ellen & Reese In TV Catfight

Rival talkers put squeeze on A-list guests!

ellen degeneres reese witherspoon feud
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Ellen DeGeneres finds herself targeted by tough-as-nails Reese Witherspoon who’s on a no-holds-barred crusade to become the new queen of TV, The National ENQUIRER has learned from insiders. The “Legally Blonde” actress declared war on Ellen after launching her own gabfest, “Shine On with Reese,” a nine-part series featuring interviews with A-list celebs including Dolly Parton. Read on for details of the Ellen-Reese face-off, and click here for more news of celebrity feuds….

“Right now, ‘Shine On’ doesn’t have anywhere near the reach of Ellen’s talk show,” noted a source. “But Reese has much bigger plans. She wants to get absolutely top-tier, A-list stars like her friend Jennifer Aniston!”

Reese’s hard-nosed takeover scheme includes plans to have celebrities “do her show exclusively,” tying them up so they can’t later appear on “Ellen.” “Reese is ruthless,” dished the source. “She wants to make a big splash and she’s ready to get down and dirty to do it!”

But Ellen plans to fight back — by using the same tricks. “Ellen is extremely jealous,” said the source. “She believes Reese is muscling in on her market — and she’s not having any of it! She wants to fight fire with fire and make sure anyone doing her show is not doing Reese’s!”

The gals’ rivalry goes way back, said the source, noting “Reese and Ellen have always been very competitive. They constantly like to one-up each other!” Right now, Reese is riding high with her TV projects, including the hit HBO series “Big Little Lies,” co-starring Nicole Kidman.

Reese figures the sky is the limit, sources agreed. However, Ellen didn’t get where she is by being the “Queen of Nice” when the cameras stop rolling, insiders noted, and warned that Reese she may be biting off more than she can chew!