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Jeff Bezos’ Wife Will Take Billions In Divorce — Or Spill His Dirtiest Secrets!

Amazon head's aunt tells The ENQUIRER: 'It's crazy!'

Jeff Bezos’ wife knows his “dirtiest secrets” and will “take him to the cleaners” in their messy divorce, according to his long lost family.

The battle over the Amazon founder’s $144m fortune will certainly be an ugly one, after The National ENQUIRER uncovered his steamy affair with TV presenter Lauren Sanchez, and their sexy text messages, dating back nine months, behind the back of his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie.

Bezos’ biological aunt, Kathy Jorgensen, told the ENQUIRER: “You know it’s going to be ugly!

“MacKenzie will take him to the cleaners. She’ll get everything she wants being married that long.

“She went through everything as he went up the ladder, she deserves it. She knows the dirtiest secrets about him and he knows that.

“It’s going to be messy — unless he gives her everything she wants.”

Neither Jeff nor MacKenzie — who have three sons together and an adopted daughter from China — are believed to have made an official filing for divorce at this time.

The family had split their time between five huge properties across the US, but Kathy — who has not seen Jeff since he was two years old — said she believes he is rarely at home.

She added: “They say at work he’s very hard to get along with. He’s never home — he’s always on the go somewhere, you know that. So, this is really interesting.”

Kathy added how she feels the couple are unlikely to go to trial in the divorce and Jeff will go to any lengths possible to keep his secrets to himself.

She added: “They’ll probably settle and add in the agreement she can never discuss what she knows about Jeff.

“It’s crazy, people at his level. He can destroy someone. She has to be careful because he has that much money.”

One person who Kathy claims will be hugely upset by the divorce is his mother, Jacklyn.

Kathy added: “Jackie’s going to be pissed.”

Jeff was born in New Mexico to bicycle-shop worker Ted Jorgenson and Jacklyn Gise, who was 17 at the time. She left alcoholic Ted two years later and remarried Cuban immigrant Miguel “Mike” Bezos, who later adopted Jeff as his own.

Kathy, who is Ted’s sister, said her brother only realized he was Jeff’s father a couple of years before he passed away in 2015. He sent him a letter but they never met again in person before his death.

Jeff went on to meet MacKenzie when he interviewed her for a job while working at a New York investment management firm. They got engaged three months later.

They were together when Jeff founded Amazon in 1994 and she supported him as the company took off and he started on the path to become the richest man in the world.

While Amazon is now valued at over $1 trillion, Jeff has a net worth which fluctuates between $120 and $160 billion dollars.