Final Footage?

WATCH: Hugh Hefner’s Tragic Final Struggles In Playboy Mansion

Heartbreaking video catches his final days!

Hugh Hefner oversaw Hollywood’s wildest parties at the Playboy Mansion — but the video above catches the publishing magnate struggling on a walker in his sad final days!

The legendary ladies’ man died at the age of 91 on Sept. 27, 2017, with a Playboy insider telling The National ENQUIRER: “He was convinced he’d live to be 101, just like his mother!”

Hugh Hefner: Secret Heartbreak Over Fake ‘Son!’

Instead, as seen here, Hefner spent his final years going into seclusion. and living as a tenant in his own beloved manor after it was sold to a real-estate developer.

Insiders revealed to The ENQUIRER that Hefner was struggling in the rotting Playboy Mansion, and this shocking video — smuggled out of his home in January — reveals why the Playboy empire kept him hidden away for months!