Caught On Tape!

WATCH: Blac Chyna Uses Baby’s Stroller To Attack Woman

Reality star flips out after fan gets grabby with her daughter!

Blac Chyna swung her baby’s stroller at a fan who got too close to her daughter — with the video above catching the reality star using the pretty pink weapon!

But it seems that fans are standing behind Chyna, who’s was once involved in a brutal custody battle with ex-fiancé and baby daddy Rob Kardashian.

Witnesses say that Chyna went wild at the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park on Easter Sunday after a young woman touched their daughter, Dream Renée Kardashian, without her permission.

A social media account seemingly run by the alleged target of Chyna’s fury said: “I see Blac Chyna’s beautiful baby, right? So I’m like, ‘OMG, this baby is so cute’ (not even knowing it was her f**king baby)…and I rub her little hand.”

As seen above, Chyna was quick to show her displeasure by swinging the empty stroller at the woman — and she received plenty of support from fellow moms on social media.

“Being famous is hard enough dealing with scrutiny,” Chyna later said in her own posts, “but when someone feels comfortable to come and touch your child, it’s a whole other story.

“I do not condone violence, nor am I a violent person — but shout out to all of the amazing mothers out there that will protect their children at all cost.”