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‘He Dropped His Pants’: Bill Clinton Accuser Recounts Alleged Sexual Assault

Paula Jones said Clinton was ‘fondling himself’ — and asked her to ‘kiss it!’

Paula Jones is speaking out about the time she alleges Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in a hotel room over two decades ago.

Jones famously sued the former president in 1994 for sexual harassment, claiming that three years earlier she was taken to Clinton’s hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas — where he exposed himself and asked her to “kiss it!”

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The former Arkansas employee relived her experience in an interview with Breitbart.com, saying that after she was brought to his hotel room by an armed state trooper, Jones saw Clinton sit down “really fast” and “dropped his pants.”

“And he was fondling himself,” Jones recalled. “And he asked me to kiss it. Now that is disgusting. And I said, ‘I am not that kind of girl.’”

Jones claimed that after Clinton realized she would not fulfill his request, he pulled up his pants and his face turned “beet red” — adding that she now  she recognizes that same face when Clinton has been caught lying.

“I’ve seen that look so many times since then on TV,” she said. “You can tell he’s such a liar.”

One of the most startling moments of the interview was the revelation that Clinton threatened Jones when she tried to leave the room. She said, “And then when I got to the door he had already pulled up his pants and everything… And was tucking his shirt in. I don’t know. And I was trying to get out. And he held the door momentarily and he said, ‘You are a smart girl. Let’s keep this between ourselves.’ He did not want anybody to tell anybody about what had happened.”

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Jones admitted she felt scared and trapped because she knew the state police were sitting outside. “He was in plain clothes but he showed me that he packed a gun inside. So I knew he had a gun.”

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