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Doc Says Epstein Death Was No Suicide!

Pathologist convinced sleaze was snuffed!

Inset Jeffrey Epstein Metropolitan Correctional Center
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News that renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden is convinced billionaire sleaze Jeffrey Epstein was murdered behind bars is nothing new to National ENQUIRER readers, who read in our Sept. 2 issue that he was snuffed to protect the twisted sex secrets of the world’s power elite!

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Dr. Baden — hired by the pervy prisoner’s brother — blasted the ruling by the New York City Medical Examiner’s office that determined Epstein hanged himself before he was discovered in his prison cell Aug. 10.

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“The evidence indicates he was murdered,” Dr. Baden told The ENQUIRER, referring to the “unusual” neck fractures that can only be caused by “homicidal strangulation.”

The ENQUIRER was first to report the 66-year-old convicted pedophile was assassinated in the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan to keep him from exposing the seamy underbelly of such “friends” as Prince Andrew.

Weeks before his death, Epstein was rushed to the hospital on July 23 with injuries that were widely reported to be from a botched suicide try.

“They attempted to murder him 18 days earlier,” Dr. Baden said, and prison officials “didn’t take it seriously.”

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In a statement, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson said her office stands by its suicide ruling.

“The original medical investigation was thorough and complete,” she proclaimed. “There is no reason for a second medical investigation by our office.”

The Bureau of Prisons declined to comment, “as the Epstein case is currently under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General.”