Pedophile Epstein Was Blackmailing Spy

Ex-cop claims both he and the FBI have video evidence

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Evil perv Jeffrey Epstein was a secret spy who lured fat cats into sleazy sexual encounters — and then blackmailed them into doing the bidding of foreign intelligence agencies!

That’s the bombshell claim of John Mark Dougan, a former U.S. Marine and deputy sheriff in Florida’s Palm Beach County — who claims to have evidence the FBI covered up Epstein’s covert activities!

John Mark Dougan

John Mark Dougan

“Every bedroom in Epstein’s houses had multiple cameras that he used to keep records of everybody,” Dougan told The National ENQUIRER from his home in Moscow, where he’s lived since being granted political asylum in 2016.

“Do I think Epstein was put up to getting wealthy people to sleep with underage girls so they could be blackmailed by western intelligence agencies? Absolutely, I do — and I’m certain the FBI is involved in some kind of cover-up over Epstein!”

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According to Dougan, the FBI seized his computers and hundreds of confidential files, which contain smoking-gun proof of Epstein’s crimes and co-conspirators, in 2016.

But Dougan — who gave his first full interview to the acclaimed investigative podcast “Epstein: Devil in the Darkness” — claimed he has encrypted copies of those files stored in a secret location.

Although it is unclear which foreign intelligence agencies employed Epstein, other sources point out his right-hand woman Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, the late Robert Maxwell, had links to several intelligence services, including the U.K.’s MI6, the Russian KGB and the Israeli Mossad.

GHISLAINE Maxwell With Her Father ROBERT MAXWELL Cannes Film Festival, France May 1987

Ghislaine Maxwell with her father Robert Maxwell Cannes Film Festival, France in May 1987. Photo: Steve Wood/Shutterstock.

“It’s very likely Ghislaine introduced Epstein to some of her father’s old contacts who would have been eager to give him work,” said a source.

In the early ’90s, Epstein also associated with Douglas Leese, who dealt arms to the Middle East — which would have put him into contact with a number of government defense agencies.

Associates said Epstein also boasted about working for foreign governments.

Secret Spy ‘Footage From Bedrooms’ Of Epstein’s Estate Revealed In Shocking Blackmail Tapes

He was facing sex trafficking charges when he died in federal custody, on Aug. 10.

The cause of death was officially ruled as suicide — but investigators have told The ENQUIRER they believe he was murdered to protect his high-powered pals.

Dougan added: “I don’t believe for one minute that [it] was suicide.”