Hollywood Child Sex Abuse Cover-Up Exposed!

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In the latest case of child molestation to rock Hollywood, a top Tinseltown icon stands accused of raping ’80s teen idol Corey Haim!

A source identified the sicko – who has children of his own – to The National ENQUIRER during our blockbuster special investigation into convicted pedophiles who have worked with underage stars.

We also uncovered these other creeps, accused of a slew of other sickening crimes documented in hundreds of pages of court documents:

– Composer Fernando Rivas, who created music for “Sesame Street” and Disney. Rivas also created and sent child pornography over the Internet, which grim-faced prosecutors said included a horrifying video of a naked and restrained 4-year-old girl.

– Jason James Murphy, a casting agent on kid-friendly fare “School of Rock” and “Bad News Bears.” Murphy was also a registered sex offender who once kidnapped and molested an 8-year-old boy.

– Manager Bob Villard, who mentored child actors Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio. He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor after thousands of photos of boys in skimpy bathing suits were found at his home. Villard finally went to prison following another no contest plea in 2005 to committing a lewd act on a 13-year-old boy who sought him out as an acting coach.

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– Actor Brian Peck, who admitted in 2004 that he’d molested a child protégé. Despite that, the registered sex offender has continued to work in Hollywood, playing a sex education teacher in 2009’s “Queerentine!” and working as a dialogue coach on the 2010 kiddie movie “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

What’s more, The ENQUIRER has learned that Peck was allegedly hired by the Tinseltown kingpin at the center of the Haim sex scandal! Haim – who died in March 2010 at 38 after a long battle with drug addiction – made his explosive molestation charges public on the reality show “The Two Coreys.”

He confessed to co-star Corey Feldman that he began to self-mutilate after being sexually assaulted by a man while filming the coming-of-age drama “Lucas” in 1985.

“[I was] raped, so to speak, when I was about 14-and-a-half years old,” Haim said.

Haim declined to publicly identify the creep. But before he died, he named his attacker to two sources who have spoken exclusively to The ENQUIRER.

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“Corey had bottled everything up, but he finally told me what happened when he was in his mid-20s,” revealed one source, a longtime confidant of the late star of the cult classic “The Lost Boys.”

“The man was the first of two who molested him. These men chewed him up and spat him out.

“Friends said Corey should sue them. But Corey told me, ‘No one would ever believe me! I’m a big star, but —– [his first molester] is bigger.’

“Corey was afraid that if he named him, Hollywood would ostracize him.”

Actor-director Dominick Brascia, who said Haim was 14 years old when they met, confirmed the man’s name to The ENQUIRER.

Haim was so confused by the sexual encounter with the man that “he fell in love with him,” Brascia claimed.

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Consumed by fears he might be gay, Haim “wanted to kill himself,” Brascia recalled.

Brascia, 58, vehemently denied speculation that he was one of the actor’s two molesters.

According to Brascia, he was linked to the molestation scandal after Feldman claimed in his 2013 memoir, “Coreyography,” that he’d been exploited by powerful Hollywood pedophiles.

Brascia co-starred with Feldman and Haim in the 1997 comedy “Busted,” and said he was so incensed by the inaccurate innuendo that he posted a denial of the book’s account on Amazon.com.

“People have contacted me accusing me of being someone named Tony in [Feldman’s] book,” he wrote. “Fact I have NEVER been arrested or even [accused of] anything illegal.”

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Brascia told The ENQUIRER that he also complained to Feldman’s publisher, St. Martin’s Press, and the firm sent him an apology, insisting: “It was neither Mr. Feldman’s nor St. Martin’s intention to identify you, or to publicly accuse you of any wrongdoing.”

Meanwhile, Matthew Valentinas, producer of “An Open Secret,” a documentary about Hollywood sex abuse, told The ENQUIRER: “Animals have more protection and rights than children. At least there are animal wranglers on set.”

Anne Henry, who runs the non-profit BizParentz, which helps families of kids in the industry, said her film highlights the need for legal reforms.

A recently enacted California statute would have prevented a registered sex offender from coaching a child actor.

But, she pointed out, a convicted pedophile “could still work on set as an actor or crew member!”