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Elizabeth Smart’s Kidnapper Released & Living Near Kids’ School

Schoolchildren just blocks from Wanda Barzee's home!

elizabeth smart kidnapper barzee free
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Elizabeth Smart spoke out Sept. 10 against the “incomprehensible” release from prison of Wanda Barzee the woman who had — together with her husband, Brian David Mitchell — kidnapped, raped and tortured her in 2002.

Now RadarOnline has found that the freed Barzee has settled into a run-down home in Utah just two blocks away from an elementary school!

A Utah corrections official that the child snatcher is now living in downtown Salt Lake City, where she’s expected to comply by the laws of the state.

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As a registered sex offender, Barzee may not go on the premises of licensed daycare or preschools, primary/secondary schools, community parks and/or playgrounds open to the public.

Even so, her new home is just two tenths of a mile away from an elementary school attended daily by kids in the pre-K through fifth-grade age range.

As The National ENQURER reported months before Barzee was freed, potential new victims reported that she was still trying to recruit sex slaves from behind bars for her “celestial kingdom!”

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The fanatical couple gained infamy through the Smart saga, which began when the sicko couple abducted 14-year-old Elizabeth in Salt Lake City on June 5, 2002. The victim later said she was raped every day before finally being saved by cops on March 12, 2003.

Smart, now 30, expressed fear earlier this year that Barzee was still dangerous would track her down after being freed. The kidnapper was ordered not to contact her former victim after her release.

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Now a mother of three, Smart said in June that Barzee still carried around the same bizarre book Mitchell read during her captivity.

“In this manuscript were the ‘revelations’ Mitchell ‘received’ from God to kidnap myself and 6 other young girls to all become his wives,” Smart claimed.