Prince Harry Targeted By Neo-Nazis For Marrying Meghan Markle In Latest Royal Crisis

“Harry is especially paranoid after his time in Afghanistan."

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Prince Harry has been targeted by a bloodthirsty neo-Nazi group that plotted to assassinate him over his mixed-race marriage to Meghan Markle.

The mob claims to have links to the Hitler-loving Atomwaffen Division, which is believed to be responsible for at least five deaths in Florida, Virginia and California.

But a National Enquirer investigation can reveal the cowardly thugs who taunted the redheaded royal are nothing but troublemaking compute “keyboard warriors.”

“The whole ordeal was incredibly upsetting for the royal family, and it caused panic within Britain’s MI6 spy agency,” a well-placed intelligence source said. “We take every threat seriously and anyone who poses a threat becomes a priority target for capture, arrest or even kill.”

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Two teenagers and a man have been arrested in the U.K. over alleged links to the gang that demanded Prince Harry be shot for marrying Meghan, whose mom is African-American.

The three suspects — aged 17, 18 and 21 — are believed to have links to the so-called Sonnenkrieg Division, which posted a picture online showing Harry with a gun pointed at his head, covered in blood alongside a swastika and the caption: “See ya later, race traitor.”

Other violent images posted on social media by the group urge followers to “fill your heart with hate.”

Cops have also obtained a dossier of evidence that shows images of a swastika and pagan symbols slashed into a girl’s nude body. But according to authorities, the Sonnenkrieg Division’s evil antics pale next to the U.S.-based Atomwaffen Division.

The group — whose name means atomic weapons in German — is fixated on Charles Manson‘s attempts to spark a race war and hosts military-style training events that they call “hate camp.”

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One member of the vile group, Samuel Woodward, allegedly stabbed American college student Blaze Bernstein 20 times for being gay and Jewish. Woodward pleaded not guilty to the savage slaying.

An insider working for an anti-fascist campaign group told Enquirer: “The U.K.-based Sonnenkrieg Division is pathetic. It’s clearly a bunch of sad keyboard warriors who are into computer games and aren’t to be taken seriously.”

Still, British authorities have amped up security for Harry and Meghan. “Harry is especially paranoid after his time in Afghanistan,” added the intelligence source.