Prince Charles Gay Cover-Up Exposed!

Valet’s family calls for new investigation of rape claim.

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The family of Prince Charles’ former valet is demanding a new investigation into the man’s claims that he was raped by Charles’ most trusted aide!

In a shocking gay scandal that’s rocked the royal family, George Smith claimed he was sexually assaulted by Charles’ assistant Michael Fawcett — and Smith even discussed the sickening attack during a taped conversation with Princess Diana, sources said.

But George’s brother told The National ENQUIRER that Buckingham Palace “covered up” the incident during an internal investigation, leading to an official declaration that there was “insufficient evidence to prosecute” Fawcett.

“George was portrayed as a liar and a raving alcoholic,” Bryan Smith told The ENQUIRER. “But I will support anything that goes toward proving he was telling the truth!”

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Bryan, 57, said he knew of George’s claims more than a decade before they were made public in a 2003 exposé, and even before George revealed them to Diana in 1996.

“George said, ‘I’ve got something to tell you,’ and when he started talking, I thought he was joking,” Bryan said. “But I knew he was telling the truth by the way he was talking.”

George allegedly told his story to Diana while visiting her Kensington Palace apartment. She taped their conversation, and insiders believe the recordings were kept in a mahogany box with her private letters and trinkets.

However, a source said the box disappeared after her death in 1997, and the tapes have never been found. Diana’s sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale, the princess’s former butler Paul Burrell and Charles’ lawyer Fiona Shackleton are all said to be aware of the tape’s contents, sources said.

According to George’s account in the 2003 exposé, Fawcett invited him to his house, where they drank beer and champagne.

“I was having a good time, joking and laughing, and eventually I fell asleep on one of the settees in the sitting room,” he explained.

George claimed he woke up later that afternoon with his pants down and found other evidence of sexual activity. He said, “I just couldn’t remember a thing. It was a big blank. I was ashamed. I felt sick.”

George also alleged he’d seen Charles in bed with Fawcett — a charge that Bryan believes.

Prince Charles and Michael Fawcett

Prince Charles with his valet Michael Fawcett in 1981. Photo: Getty Images

“I did say to him, maybe you got it mistaken with someone else, but he goes, ‘No, no, it was definitely him,’” Bryan told The ENQUIRER.

George died under mysterious circumstances in August 2005 after he was admitted to the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport with an enlarged liver.

Fawcett has denied George’s allegations, and after the initial exposé, he successfully obtained an injunction to prevent George’s charges from being published.

Palace lawyers also denied George’s claims on behalf of Prince Charles, but they made no attempt to stop that exposé from being published.

Shockingly, Fawcett continues to work for Charles — even after he was asked to resign twice by palace staff, according to an insider.

The first time was in 1998 for bullying colleagues, but he was reinstated within a week, said the source. Fawcett was forced to leave again in 2003 when he was found to be selling Charles’ gifts — but he waltzed off with a $630,000 severance package, claimed the insider.

Last year, Fawcett was promoted to chief executive of Charles’ charity, The Prince’s Foundation, with a reported $120,000 salary.

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Fawcett’s business, Premier Mode Events, is also Charles’ go-to for organizing lavish soirées. In 2018, the palace reportedly paid around $350,000 to the company.

Of Fawcett, Charles has famously said: “I can manage without just about anyone, except for Michael.”

Now, just weeks after Prince Charles was blasted for supporting pedophile Bishop Peter Ball, who was convicted of sexually abusing multiple boys, Bryan has called for the investigation into his brother’s case to be reopened.

“George became ill because of the royals. He had psychological problems from [the alleged rape],” Bryan told The ENQUIRER.

“[Seeing the conviction of Bishop Ball] does bring back flashbacks with George. I think [the palace] covered up a lot of stuff. It was downplayed — on the news one day, and off the next. It was just swept under the carpet!”