Grieving Dog Chapman: ‘I Have No Fear Of Dying!’

Widower now aiming for bounty hunting immortality.

Duane Dog Chapman Speaking To Press Wearing Sunglasses and Leather Trim Track Jacket

Duane “Dog” Chapman claims he has lost any fear of dying after enduring the pain of losing wife Beth to cancer on June 26 in Honolulu.

The reality-TV bounty hunter said it’s made him completely fearless and warned the bail jumpers he hunts on Dog’s Most Wanted that he will stop at nothing to bring them in.

Duane Dog Chapman Kissing Beth Chapman While Filming Dog's Most Wanted

Duane “Dog” Chapman kisses wife Beth while filming “Dog’s Most Wanted”. Photo: WGN

“I have lost the fear of dying completely,” Dog told The National ENQUIRER.

He said he was brought up to believe suicide would send him to hell — “but if I wasn’t raised like that, I’d jump in front of a fricking train so quick!

“And these guys we’re going after on the show now are the devil’s herd!

“I want to track down the worst — people who assault kids and women.”

Dog, 66, claims to have made more than 8,000 arrests and hopes that will earn him his place in history.

Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, all these bounty hunters throughout the ages, never have they arrested 8,000 — that’s a whole city!

“I want to go down in the record books for the most arrests of any bounty hunter that ever lived!”

He said that even when he someday hands over the reins to son Leland, 42, “I’ll still supervise!”