Dog Beats Blues By Busting Bad Guys!

Bounty hunter tells ENQUIRER about losing wife Beth.

Inset of Duane Chapman Wearing Sunglasses And All Black Bounty Hunting Gear, Beth Chapman Wearing Pink Top With Her Head On the Shoulder of Her Husband Duane Chapman Whearing Grey Snap Button T-Shirt
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Heartsick Duane “Dog” Chapman has broken his silence in the first interview since the tragic death of his beloved wife, Beth, telling The National ENQUIRER he can’t face returning to Hawaii without her!

To deal with the devastation of losing the love of his life to throat cancer at just 51, the reality TV hero has thrown himself back into his work catching bail bond jumpers.

Speaking from Colorado, Dog exclusively told The ENQUIRER: “I don’t know what to do. As long as I stay bounty hunting it’s the only thing that keeps my mind off how things are right now. I just have to keep working!

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“Being alone is really bad. I sent most of the family home [to Hawaii] but I have [our two youngest children] Bonnie Jo and Garry boy here.

“Hawaii is off limits to my heart at the moment!”

After Beth died on June 26 in Honolulu, she was given a public memorial.

Dog is now putting the finishing touches to her final show, Dog’s Most Wanted, ahead of its September release. “I’m just taking each day as it comes!” he said.