Dying Trebek Bonds With Long-Lost Brother!

Mom Gave Away Out-Of-Wedlock Child 63 Years Ago.

Inset Michael , Alex Trebek
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Alex Trebeks gutsy battle with cancer has brought him closer to the little brother he almost never knew he had!

After being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in March, the Jeopardy! host, 79, reconnected with his 64-year-old brother, Michael — the child his mom, Lucille, gave up for adoption way back in 1956!

Now sources have revealed that Alex’s “secret” brother has been one of his strongest supporters in his brave fight for life!

“As terrifying as this illness has been for Alex, he’s drawn incredible comfort from the support he’s gotten from a brother who was taken away from him so many years ago!” a source spilled.

Lucille got pregnant by another man while separated — but not divorced — from Alex’s dad. She was working as a governess and couldn’t support them both, so she gave the child up for adoption at birth. It wasn’t until 1985, when Alex was 45 years old, that he learned that he had a brother!

The original 1991 National Enquirer Story about Alex Trebek's long lost brother.

The original 1991 National Enquirer story about Alex Trebek’s long-lost brother.

“I hid my pregnancy from my daughter, Barbara, and from Alex,” Lucille exclusively told The National ENQUIRER in 1991. She began her search for her son when she was 65.

“It took five, long painful years to track down my brother,” Alex told The ENQUIRER, explaining that Michael was living in Belle River, Ontario. Michael flew to California to meet Alex and they got on like … brothers!

“He and I chatted for a whole day, talking about the different lives we led,” Alex recalled.

But as the years passed, the brothers went on to lead different — and separate — lives. Alex had his stardom in Hollywood, while Michael settled thousands of miles away on the East Coast.

But the beloved game show host’s health crisis has renewed their bond stronger than ever.

“Alex wasn’t sure how Michael would react to his illness, but to his relief, he was thrilled by his brother’s response,” a source said.

Insiders told The ENQUIRER that Michael has called Alex nearly every day to check up on him and to ensure he has everything he may need.

“Michael feels it’s the least he can do, to be there for Alex in his hour of need,” the insider spilled.

“To both of them, no matter where they grew up or how many years they spent apart, nothing is more important than their family bond.

“After all, they’re brothers!”