Doc’s Booze Worries For Chevy Chase!

Medics warn star to cut back on the bottle

Doc’s Booze Worries For Chevy Chase

Longtime boozer Chevy Chase is playing with fire, medical experts warn, after the recovering alcoholic was spotted carrying a bag out of a liquor store in Upstate New York on Memorial Day.

The 6-foot-4 star looked gaunt and haggard, sparking fears the 75-year-old Caddyshack cutup — who’s been in rehab THREE times — could face life-threatening heart failure!

“For Chevy to even be around alcohol could be seen as suicidal,” longevity expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin – who has not treated Chevy Chase – tells The National ENQUIRER.

“As an alcoholic who has been through rehab, he should never drink again!”

As The ENQUIRER has previously reported, after the Saturday Night Live legend ballooned to 300 pounds, he shed 110 pounds with gastric bypass surgery after a 2016 stint in rehab.

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That stint came just a year and a half after Chevy landed in the emergency room for heart issues after he hit a gut-busting 388 pounds!

Now, boozing again could kill him, doctors warn.

“Alcohol is a potent heart attack stimulator, and with his history of heart woes, he should not drink at all — EVER!” warns Dr. Mirkin.

New York City-based internist Dr. Stuart Fischer, who also has not treated Chevy Chase, adds: “Given his history, he would be foolish to drink booze! Even if he lost more than 100 pounds with gastric bypass surgery, the damage to his heart cannot be repaired.

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“If he is drinking, it can lead to heart attack or debilitating stroke — or even death!”

As previously reported, the comedy icon was forced to check into his third rehab stint for what his handlers tried to poo-poo as a “tune-up.”

But sources say the move was made to save his life!

Adds Dr. Fischer: “His main issue is that he has a severe substance abuse problem — and he’s risking everything by just purchasing alcohol!”