'Out Of Control!'

Hillary Clinton Hooked On Narcotics

ENQUIRER Exposes The Candidate's Deadly Diet Of Drugs!

hillary clinton health drug addiction pills
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Hillary Clinton is addicted to a frightening narcotics cocktail — and it’s the only thing keeping her alive! Shocking new medical evidence uncovered by The National ENQUIRER revealed the presidential favorite is secretly dependent on a string of powerful super-drugs to give her more energy!

Explosive leaked emails confirm disease-riddled Hillary’s health is hanging by a thread as she uses a psycho-stimulant similar to cocaine and amphetamines! Developed by scientists working overseas, the drug modafinil is so powerful it’s given to U.S. combat pilots flying lengthy high-risk missions that require intense attention to detail.

Former U.S. Air Force Col. Tom Erhard described modafinil as a “performance- modification drug” while medical experts said the prescription-only substance combats “chronic fatigue syndrome and cerebral palsy.” Hillary is hooked on the drug, which is known to be addictive, sources said.

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The candidate’s private emails revealed she uses the alias “Hillary Clunkton” to obtain prescriptions for controlled drugs — so her dependency won’t be exposed!

As The ENQUIRER has reported earlier, the extremely fragile and easily-confused Hillary is fighting multiple sclerosis, blood clots, pneumonia, daily seizures, venous-sinus thrombosis and has suffered a stroke and struggled with alcohol issues.

Hillary uses the medications to regulate her health, emotions and stamina. “Hillary’s emotions and endurance go up and down more than a hooker’s panties,” the source said. “She’s out of control!”

Renowned physician Dr. Stuart Fischer, who has never treated Hillary, revealed to The ENQUIRER the fistful of pills she would require to treat her life-threatening symptoms. These include Ativan, Avonex, Eliquis, Elavil, Warfarin, Moxatag, Tegretol and Reteplase — among others! “This is a long list of medications for someone people expect to be in perfect health for eight years,” an astonished Fischer said.

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It has also emerged that one of Hillary and former President Bill Clinton’s advisers for more than two decades is known to distribute marijuana among staffers. The user and dealer has accompanied Hillary and Bill to more than 100 events in two decades.

A well-placed source who works alongside the dealer said, “It’s the worst-kept secret that drugs are passed around freely to staff, volunteers and whoever wants them really!” Hillary’s health has been deteriorating for more than a decade, according to hacked emails reviewed by The ENQUIRER.

A political insider said Hillary — who collapsed at a 9/11 memorial service this summer — hasn’t disclosed all her health records since they would “prove she’s unfit to be president.”