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Geraldo Rivera: Woody Harrelson’s Haunted Past

Fame and acclaim for bloodstained hitman's son!

Woody Harrelson  has a family history that’s awash in blood. His father, Charles (left), was a professional assassin who murdered a federal judge for a Mexican drug cartel!

In many ways, Woody — abandoned by his father at age seven — is as much a victim of his dad’s terrible crimes as the people who died under the hitman’s gun.

But the plucky superstar has given back as much as Charles took away by creating memorable characters on TV’s “Cheers” and “True Detective” and in the movies “The Hunger Games” and “White Men Can’t Jump.”

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I can’t imagine the pain and hurt Woody must have endured knowing his father was serving a life sentence for ending someone’s life even as he was winning acclaim and public adoration.

Eventually, Woody and his dad, who had at least three murders under his belt, were reunited. Father and son stayed as close as they could.

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At one point, Woody fought hard to get his father a court appeal that would overturn Charles’ conviction for the 1979 slaying of U.S. District Judge John H. Wood Jr.

My latest installment of “Murder in the Family” reveals how and why Woody did that — along with the surprising results. You won’t want to miss a minute!

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