Cold-Blooded Affair!

Mia Farrow’s Suicide Attempt Over Woody & Soon-Yi

Nanny revealed how actress almost ended it all over sick romance!

Woody Allen says that his affair with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter was “the turning point in my life for the better” — but a devastated Mia tried to kill herself after finding nude photos of Soon-Yi taken by her longtime lover! The actress’ former nanny, Kristi Groteke, revealed shocking secrets of the showbiz scandal in her book “Woody and Mia: The Nanny’s Tale.” She claimed that Mia later confessed to walking out onto Allen’s high-rise terrace in New York City with plans to plunge to her death. “I was crying all night,” Mia said, according to Kristi’s account. “I couldn’t sleep. And then I took this anti-depressant and became very jittery. My mind started to gallop. I couldn’t bear the pain any more.” But, said Kristi, the troubled actress finally came to her senses thinking about her 11 children, including the two that she’d adopted with Woody, plus the child that they’d had together!