Tragic End!

‘ER’ Star Vanessa Marquez Shot Dead By Cops

Troubled star made headlines accusing George Clooney of sexual harassment!

Vanessa Marquez, who starred as Nurse Wendy Goldman on the first three seasons of the hit show “ER,” has been declared dead after a bizarre shootout with police in South Pasadena, Calif. Police report that they had been summoned to Vanessa’s home there for a welfare check, and were accompanied by a mental health worker. A police spokesperson said that the officers shot and killed the “extremely uncooperative” 49-year-old actress after she threatened them with a BB gun designed to resemble a handgun. The troubled star had spent her final years working sporadically, and claimed on social media that she was suffering from celiac disease, a pulmonary embolism, osteoporosis, and other afflictions of a weakened immune system. Her death comes less than a year after Vanessa shocked Hollywood with a bizarre rant accusing George Clooney of leading a cover-up over sexual harassment on the “ER” set.