Enquirer Exclusive!

Usher’s Herpes Victims Are His Wife’s Best Friends

Alleged infected singer made the rounds with her two BFFs!

Usher was unmasked by The National ENQUIRER as the shameless star who allegedly infected women with the incurable herpes virus — and now it can be revealed two of his victims were friends of the family!

In a sick twist of ultimate betrayal, The ENQUIRER can confirm “Jane Doe #1” — who was paid $1.1 million by Usher after being hospitalized with his sexually transmitted disease — was close to the singer’s first wife, Tameka Foster. Furthermore, “Jane Doe #2” — who accused the eight-time Grammy winner of infecting her in a fresh lawsuit — is pals with his current wife, Grace Miguel!

Both women’s identities are being withheld by The ENQUIRER as they continue to battle emotional distress and physical harm from their extra-marital romps with the shameless singer. Shockingly, however, it’s Usher who’s claiming to be the real victim! “The minute the money came out [and] all the details were made public from the suit against me from my ex-wife’s friend — I knew every low-life ’ho was gonna come out claiming this and that,” the singer, who is worth a reported $180 million, confides to pals.

According to the latest $20 million suit, it’s claimed she and Usher hooked up in Atlanta, where she performed oral sex on him before having intercourse with protection. However, the docs allegedly report they had sex again 12 days later in a New Orleans hotel room — but did not use a condom. The sordid singer has sworn to insiders that, “I am careful and responsible. I took care when I was having relations with anyone.”

He also callously insisted his first wife was fully aware he had herpes before their marriage and “didn’t care.” Now he’s whining to friends that ALL these women have only used him for the money and lifestyle he could give them, our insider snitched. Even more disturbing, it’s unclear whether he came clean to Grace about his infection — OR his shameless romps with her close friend.

In the meantime, Usher’s attempts to avoid further public embarrassment with payoffs to silence his latest accuser remain unsuccessful. Now his pals have said he’s waiting for more accusers to come forward. “He was willing to make this go away, but she got too greedy,” our source snitched. “They’re getting in line trying to cash out, but he can’t even remember half of the women he’s hooked up with!” According to one legal expert,“If a case like Usher’s goes to trial, usually the damages awarded can range between five and 10 million dollars, or less when a settlement is agreed.”