They Got It Bad!

New Herpes Accusations Against Usher

More infected victims coming forward!

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Usher has allegedly infected more of his past lovers with herpes!

Attorney Lisa Bloom, who stood beside Kathy Griffin during her recent Donald Trump photo shoot press conference, is filing a suit in California on behalf of three new victims who have come forward against the singer who is already in legal hot water.

Two women have already filed lawsuits, while the new accusers include two women and one man.

“Usher had sexual contact with them after 2012, and failed to warn them of his alleged STD, as required by law,” said Bloom in a statement.

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Two of the accusers to be named in the complaint will remain anonymous and will be listed as “John Doe” and “Jane Doe,” but the other woman is scheduled to speak publicly at an upcoming press conference in New York.

As first reported by The National ENQUIRER in a bombshell exclusive, the 38-year-old “Yeah!” singer settled a lawsuit with an unnamed woman in 2012 who claims to have contracted the virus from him.