Fantastic Plastic?

Tom Cruise’s Secret Mission To Maintain His Face

These boyish looks will self-destruct in...oh, never mind!

Tom Cruise rose quickly in early 1980s Hollywood, and showbiz insiders say the gifted star remains desperate to maintain his boyish good looks and stay atop of the heap as he approaches his sixties — with the help of plastic surgery! Although the Scientology-lovingMission: Impossible” actor insists he’s never been nipped or tucked, a snitch claimed, “He refuses to age gracefully — or naturally. People are whispering he’s had a face-lift and maybe even a neck-lift. Everyone’s doing double takes because he looks like he hasn’t aged at all!” The National ENQUIRER consulted a panel of medical experts — who have not treated the “Top Gun” star — to weigh in on “work” Tom may or may not have had done. Read on for their analysis, and click here for more news of celebrity plastic surgery….