ENQUIRER Exclusive!

Tom Cruise’s Deep-Freeze Plan To Cheat Death

Cult kingpin to make icy bid for immortality!

Tom Cruise — in what one source described as a ghoulish bid to achieve immortality — is involved in a Scientology program that’s storing frozen corpses in an underground bunker in a remote California town! Sources in rural Twin Peaks, located about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, opened up to The National ENQUIRER about the bizarre cryonics-style project. “I’ve been told it’s a storage facility for the freezing arm of Scientology. It’s where they keep canisters with preserved corpses in underground vaults,” said hairdresser Linda Nies, who has resided and worked in the area for almost 45 years — and once lived across the street from the mysterious facility! Read on for more chilling details, and click here more news of celebrities and cults.