Bad Blood!

Sidney Poitier ‘Sickened’ By Bill Cosby In Screen Legend’s Final Years

Pervert 'pal' dragged him into sex scandals!

Sidney Poitier has been struggling through health issues in his final years — but insiders say that nothing has sickened him more than the disgraceful fall of his old friend Bill Cosby! The beloved screen star once revived his career in the 1970s alongside Cosby, back when they were both considered to be beloved showbiz legends. But now longtime pals say that Sidney is furious over fears that his final years could be tarnished by Cosby’s twisted history of sexual assaults! As the screen legend faces the end of his life, the Oscar winner is said to be “utterly disgusted” by his former on-screen partner, and “sickened” by the allegations that America’s favorite TV dad regularly drugged and sexually assaulted unsuspecting women. An insider added that Sidney had been forced to accept the truth about Cosby as multiple accusers came forward, saying that Sidney was ready to accept that “they’re not all lying!”